April 18, 2014

Joe Budden Sex Tape

( 4UMF NEWS ) Joe Budden Sex Tape:Well it seems everyone is being busted with a sex tape these days. And the streets said that rapper Joe Budden sex tape includes model girl. As he has been scene with mulitple hip hop honeys in the industry even in today’s videos.

Check out as Joe Budden goes on twitter letting people know that the rumors are true.

But is Joe Budden sex tape gonna be sold or leaked that is the question online and who is the girl??? (Esther Baxter), pool parties, and his girlfriends (Tahiry). His latest love interest is a Florida native, 20-year old, Dancer and Zumba instructor that Joe affectionately refers to as “Young Ratchet Knowles” Kaylin Garcia. Well we will find out when it is released.