April 21, 2014

Jessica Simpson’s Delivery Room Vs. Beyonce’s

( 4UMF NEWS ) Jessica Simpson’s Delivery Room Vs. Beyonce’s:

Jessica Simpson’s new baby girl arrived in the lap of luxury ’cause the hospital she was born in offers the crème de la crème of birthing suites — if you open your wallet wider than a birthing uterus.

We’re told Cedars-Sinai offers several VIP suites for pocket heavy new moms, but it’s NOT the $500k mentioned in some reports.

The BEST suite you can snag — a 3-bdrm, 2-bath private pad within the hospital — will run $3,784 a day more than what Beyonce spent — $3,200 a night — on her luxury, 4 bedroom birthing suite.

All that green goes a long way! Jessica’s suite boasts flat screen TV’s, chilled juices on ice, muffin baskets, manis & pedis for wiped out new moms and a private dinner for two post-labor.

Simpson delivered baby girl — Maxwell Drew Johnson — weighing in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces.