April 18, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Loses Big In Lawsuit

jennifer lopez

( 4UMF NEWS ) Jennifer Lopez Loses Big In Lawsuit:

A judge has dismissed J.Lo‘s $20 million extortion counter-suit against her ex-driver, meaning she’s one step closer to having to pay up some big bucks.

The singer’s former chauffeur Hakob Manoukian initially sued Lopez, claiming he was forced to quit after being publicly humiliated by Jennifer’s manager, Benny Medina. After Hakob resigned, Lopez claimed that he attempted to extort $2.8 million from her, saying that if she didn’t pay up he would expose some dirty secrets he heard while driving her around.

Hakob’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss J.Lo’s $20 million counter-suit, claiming she was attempting to punish him for filing a legitimate employment lawsuit against her. The judge agreed and ruled in Hakob’s favor. The case is still pending.