April 16, 2014

Jay Z And Beyonce Marriage Problems

( 4UMF NEWS ) Jay Z And Beyonce Marriage Problems:

It was just posted on Beyonce’s Face book page. So as you can see even the world’s biggest entertainment couple has 99 problems and I guess a B is one.

“See nobody loves you more than B and NO ONE ever will. no matter how I think we grow you always seem to let me know it ain’t working… “

So now things are getting rocky what does this mean. They both don’t talk about anything that fails. So it most likely will not be mentioned but it’s true. Even close in Beyonce’s circle saying that they have been having problems in the past. Actually Beyonce has mentioned how JayZ has had his hand caught in the cookie jar a FEW times. That is why JayZ got mad when Beyonce bodygaurd rumor came about cause he thought it was payback. But also from the same people they say the most Beyonce does is get drunk sometimes and smokes a little weed. Which this was before Blue Ivy. So she doesn’t do them much any more. Trying to be like the model of mom she saw from Miss Tina Knowles. Also from from the internet world our people at CelebnMusic247 the reason why Beyonce is fighting to get the BlueIvy name is cause she wants to have it the name of her baby line.