April 17, 2014

J Lo Nude Video

( 4UMF NEWS ) J Lo Nude Video:
J Los ex-husband is about to heat the internet up with hot Latina love J Lo nude video will be released shorlty cause the ex-hubby has been given releasing permission.

MIAMI (Aug. 29, 2004) -- MTV 2004 Video Music ...


A Los Angeles judge has granted Jennifer Lopez’s first husband, Ojani Noa, the right to release intimate home videos during her rise to fame. J.Lo had been successful in battling Noa up until this point due to a confidentiality statement he signed after their divorce. Noa found a loop hole in the system by selling the videos to his girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, so she can release the videos on his behalf.
Claudia is currently meeting with distributors on Tuesday to make a deal in releasing the videos that contain partial nudity and may embarass J.Lo’s fame. The videos are expected to hit the shelves in the near future.



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