July 26, 2014

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Isaac Carree Speaks On Deitrick Haddon And Preachers Of LA

Isaac Carree Speaks On Deitrick Haddon And Preachers Of LA

( 4UMF NEWS ) Isaac Carree Speaks On Deitrick Haddon And Preachers Of LA:

While attending last night’s BMI Gospel Trailblazers event 4UMF had a chance to speak with Isaac Carree and get his opinion on the Deitrick Haddon situation and Preachers of LA.

When asked what he thought of the Oxygen reality television show Preachers of LA, Carree responded by saying “it is not fair to make an entire judgment of the show from just 2 episodes.”

When asked about the Deitrick Haddon situation, Carree responded by saying “everybody has seen it and heard about it” referring to Deitrick Haddon’s former mistress leaking a picture of Haddon’s family jewels. Carree also stated that “we as Christians should be more uplifting to one another …we shouldn’t point out each others’ flaws”.

As for his take on the skeletons in his own closest, Carree quickly turned the tables stating that “you have skeletons in your closest…everyone has skeletons in their closest”.

Meanwhile, the BMI Gospel Trailblazers started on a high note. The event hosted by Carree took place at Atlanta’s exclusive Park Tavern located next to Piedmont Park. The live recording featured performances from Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper, Jason & Johnathon Nelson, and Lisa Knowles. With every performance the crowd stood to their feet to rejoice and praise.

Among the attendees were Bishop Dukes and his wife Margaret Dukes, producer/ songwriter Novel, Gospel artist Sara Vonzine Davis, Gospel artist Michael Cotton. and more.

Isaac Carree was said to have been the cause of Deitrick Haddon divorcing his 1st wife Damita Haddon in 2011.