April 17, 2014

High Schoolers Shout Racial Slurs At Opposing Basketball Team

( 4UMF NEWS ) High Schoolers Shout Racial Slurs:

Some high school basketball fans are calling foul after they say several students went from rabid fans to racist ones.

The trouble began at a rivalry game between Monessen High School and Brentwood High School on Friday night, when parents told WPXI-TV that students stormed the court and began chanting racial slurs and dancing around Monessen’s African American players.

Three fans also stormed the floor wearing banana suits, parents told WTAE-TV.

“The two young men decided to run around the gymnasium and refer to our kids as monkeys,” parent Joann Jesus, whose son is biracial, told WTAE. “It was completely out of hand. They were taunting my son. They were calling him a cotton picker.”

In a statement to WPXI, the superintendent of the Brentwood School District tried to downplay the incident.

“There was in incident at Friday’s game that was dealt with when it occurred,” said Ron Dufalla. “I think it was addressed quickly and handled well.”

Three students were facing discipline for their actions at the basketball game, The Associated Press reported on Wednesdsay.

But some parents at Monessen said they were appalled no one did anything at the time. Even worse, they added, they had heard racial slurs from the school’s fans in the past.

“For them to allow that to happen, for them to allow that to go on, to me, is just disrespectful,” said Monessen coach Joe Salvino.

Monessen fan Megan Spector told WPXI that she knew there something was very wrong as soon as she saw the banana costumes.

“It was disgusting,” she added. “And the district and the student body should be ashamed.”

They absolutely should be ashamed and there definitely needs to be some type of consequences and repercussions for such behavior. But that goes to show how that type of behavior is tolerated from the principal on down.

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