April 19, 2014

Harrington Takes A Major Hit

(4UMF NEWS) Harrington Takes A Major Hit

Being a quarter back you undertake the risk of being hit by an aggressive player on defense but that’s what makes a great quarter back, to be able to take a hit and still get the ball off with good accuracy (unless you are Mike Vick and roll out the pocket and make the defense look like the red sea). But that wasn’t the case for former Detroit Lion Joey Harrington would received a major hit that he has never prepared for his entire football career.

On Sunday August 31st Harrington was riding a bicycle and was reportedly struck by an SUV which left him in the hospital with a broken collar bone, punctured lung and sever cut to his head. Harrington is still hospitalize but is expect to pull through rapidly. The 26-year-old male drive whom name is unknown at the time was reportedly cited for driving too close to the former quarter back but will receive no jail time because the road Joey was biking on had no bike lanes. But the reports say the driver stayed with Joey until the authorities came after Joey flipped on to the vehicle and slid off head first to the pavement after the impact.

We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

Check this photo out!