April 18, 2014

Fox Mole Paid $5,000

( 4UMF NEWS ) Fox Mole Paid $5,000:

The Fox News employee fired for leaking inside information to Gawker Media was reportedly paid only $5,000 for the spy gig, Forbes reports.

Joe Muto, aka the Fox Mole, was outed Wednesday after Fox News discovered he was the one who had accessed two videos that later ended up on Gawker’s website. He was promptly fired from his position as an associate producer for “The O’Reilly Factor,” after working for less than 24 hours as a spy for Gawker.

While the compensation is considerable for less than a day’s work, it hardly compares to the price Muto will have to pay in his job hunt, according to one career expert.

“It’s going to be an uphill battle,” career expert Abby Kohut told the Daily News.

Kohut, an author and recruiter who runs the career help website absolutelyabbey.com, says Muto’s chances of getting another media job are slim, but not all hope is lost.

“He’s just going to have to find a company that’s sympathetic to his story,” she said.

Kohut expects it will take one year before Muto can seriously begin applying for jobs again.

“These things typically don’t go away that quickly,” she said. “Recruiters will do background research. They Google the person’s name, and this will be all over Google.

Muto, who explained that he began working as a mole because he was dissatisfied at Fox News, posted a statement on Gawker after his termination from the network:

“I am a weasel, a traitor, a sell-out and every bad word you can throw at me . . . but as of today, I am free, and I am ready to tell my story, which I wasn’t able to fully do for the previous 36 hours.”