April 16, 2014

Eric B. Tells The Truth On Paid And Full Album Credit

( 4UMF NEWS ) Eric B. Tells The Truth On Paid And Full Album Credit:

One of the best pairings in hip hop history was Eric B and Rakim. DJ Eric B and MC Rakim were by far one of the most prolific and influential groups of their time. Their debut album Paid In Full became an instant classic, a staple for any respectable hip hop head.

Eric B. and Rakim went on to create three more albums together before splitting up, breaking the hearts of hip hop heads everywhere. Though the two were able to become innovators in the rap game at that time together, the two were never able to achieve quite the same level of success separately. Eric B. went on to release a solo album before trying his hand at other ventures outside of the music business.

Recently, Rakim announced Paid In Full would be re-released for the 25th anniversary, shocking not only the rap community, but Eric B. as well. who by the way owns 100% of the rights to the music. Here’s what an insider had to say to Diary Of A Street King:

“How can Rakim re-release an album that doesn’t belong to him?

The anniversary for Paid In Full is on July 7th, and Rakim is getting ideas. Ra’ be lying all the time, I betcha this is news to record executives over at Universal Records too.

Eric must sign off for them to be able to add new songs and re-release the album. Universal Records will not release the album without Eric B’s signature.”

Eric B. is currently busy working on his latest project, a television show called “Ghetto Court” where he serves as executive producer and judge.

4UMF had the opportunity to catch up with the ever busy Eric B. who paid homage to Doug E. Fresh for his work on Paid In Full and spoke about why he fell back from producing, his thoughts on the current music scene and how he was going to spend Father’s Day with his children. The legendary producer also picks his top two albums and predicts the fate of record companies.

Check out the full interview: