April 17, 2014

Dog Saves Puppy From Drowning

( 4UMF NEWS ) Dog Saves Puppy From Drowning:

A video making the rounds on the Internet shows a dog leaping into a swimming pool to bravely rescue a panicking pup from drowning.

In the aww-inducing footage, a golden retriever tries to nudge the struggling puppy to the edge of the pool, but his paws can’t seem to grasp the ledge. The dog then swims around to hop out of the water, and hoists the pup up to solid ground by cinching the skin at the back of his neck.

The yelps quiet down as the exhausted puppy is dragged to the grass, finally safe. But online, some commenters are wondering about the person behind the camera — who would film a drowning puppy instead of rushing to help?

MSN.com reported that while the video “is a testimony to all the best things about dogs, it also reinforces all the worst things about humanity.”

Several users on Twitter also chided the cameraman.

“Put down camera, save dog!” wrote one user.

Story @ NY Daily News