April 16, 2014

Does Hip Hop Hate The Educated Rapper – Truth Minista Paul Scott

( 4UMF NEWS )Does Hip Hop Hate The Educated Rapper?:

                            KRS ONE
TRUTH Minista Paul Scott “like conscious rappers/mad ‘cause we winnin’”
Lap Dance-Tyga During a recent episode of BMET’s (Black Mis-Eductation Television) 
Fantastic Friday Rap Battle, the crowd went wild as the champ, B. Grimey 
dropped bombastic bombs on the challenger, MC Imhotep. By the time he said
his third “yo mama so black” rhyme , the celebrity judges were applauding
loudly as hosts, Clarence C and Rosie danced across the stage.

 However, when MC Imhotep, started rappin’ about how Grimey’s sneakers were
made from sweatshop slave labor, his bling courtesy of South African diamond
mines and his swag a product of a dysfunctional educational system, the 
audience sat dumbfounded and the judges ran for cover as Clarence C yelled:
“cut to commercial....” 

Hip Hop has a long history of beef with intelligent rappers. I remember 
back in the day when Kangol Kid of UTFO dissed fellow group member EMD , 
“The Educated Rapper” in front of Roxanne, with the classic line 
“I know you’re educated/but when willyou learn/not all girls want to be 
involved with book worms.” However, since EMD was just a character who 
wasn’t exactly known for droppin’ knowledge , it was understood as just part
of the act. However, when rappers like Tyga infer that intelligent MC’s 
are just hatin’ on him and his crew because they are “winning,” 
that ,sir, means war! 

                       TYGA AND ASHLEE SIMPSON
In fairness, Tyga was not the first to diss Hip Hop brainiacs, as over years
more than a few commercially successful rappers have taken random shots at
intellectual rappers. Remember back in 2002, Nelly aimed a diss at “tha Teacha”
KRS-ONE when he said that people judging Hip Hop are the one’s whose albums 
flop on his song “Number 1.” 

Ouch. So, does Hip Hop really despise smart rappers? Historically, America
 has always feared intelligent Black men. Even going back to the early 
19th century with Nat Turner. Although he is portrayed in history books as 
a mindless brute runnin’ around slaughtering slave owners, Turner was intelligent.
Also, even though the Black Panthers of the late 1960’s were known for 
bustin’ their guns, it must remembered that the party was founded on a 
college campus and their main threat to the power structure was their 
political education classes. 

Today, since Hip Hop is dominated by Black male voices, the paranoia is still
there. Although Ice T is mostly known for his pimp and gun talk , his most
threatening lyric was “my lethal weapon is my mind.” That still holds 
true today, as ,although white mainstream Americans profess to hate violent,
misogynist rap music , the reason why they back it financially and give 
it a platform is because of their fear of the alternative; music that will 
inspire Black people to challenge the status quo. 

 KRS-ONE - Ova Here ( Nelly Diss )

So, it is not really hate that fuels the animosity against intelligence 
in rap , but fear. And when this fear is internalized it morphs into 
self -hatred. As Marianne Williamson said in her oft quoted poem, 
“our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful 
beyond measure.” Although some rappers are actually intellectually challenged
in real life, many are just playing dumb. One of the best examples is one 
of the hottest rappers in the game, right now ,2Chainz. Although, he is 
rumored to be academically gifted and ,according to his website, even down
with the Hip Hop Congress’s “Respect My Vote” campaign, the message that he
sends our children does not reflect any of that. His latest songs, “Riot” 
and “Rich Man’s World” could have easily been the political anthems of the
Occupy Wall Street/ Trayvon Martin Era but instead he chose to continue 
with the same misogynistic tales of murder and mayhem. 

So what do we do? We declare war. Contrary to popular belief , there has 
never been an all out war against Hip Hop ignorance. Although, back in ‘94 , 
Jeru the Damaja threatened to stab “Mr. Ignorance” “in the heart with sharp
steel book marks,” he is alive and kicking. Reason being, over the years
we have either looked to a rap apologist going through mid -life crisis,
still tryin’ to be down or an overpaid Hip Hop academian to solve the problem.

Jeru The Damaja : Frustrated

However, the solutions are simple. First, we have to stop parroting the lie
that the reason that Hip Hop is in its present state is because that is 
what “we” want. Uh...no, “we” don’t. Unfortunately, anyone who is smarter 
than a fifth grader is, somehow , always, left out of the official Hip Hop
census. Also, conscious rappers and Hip Hop journalists need to stop goin’ 
out like suckas. Although, playing dumb may be an entrance requirement for 
the cool kids table for high school freshman when adults dumb themselves 
down to fit in with their kid’s homies...We’ll , that’s just wrong. Finally, 
as unbelievable as it might sound the best sage wisdom comes courtesy of 
the late Notorious B.I.G. on his song “Unbelievable,” 
“dumb rappers need teachin’.” 

Malcolm X - By Any Means

If we can’t make being smart cool, at least we can make being stupid, uncool. 
So, no Tyga we ain’t mad because you’re winnin’ ,we’re mad because of lyrics 
ike yours, our children are losin’. Although, school is out for the summer 
we have to admit that for Hip Hop, school has been out for decades. It’s 
time ring the bell and yell “class is back in session.” 

A generation ago, KRS One proclaimed “the age of the ignorant rapper is done.” 
Unfortunately, we’ve been singin’ that same song for 20 summers. 
Maybe this year, KRS. Maybe this year.... 

Jasiri X - Just A Minstrel

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