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Couple Busted Having Sex During Safer Sex Ball

Couple Busted Having Sex During Safer Sex Ball

( 4UMF NEWS ) Couple Busted Having Sex During Safer Sex Ball:

Talk about star-crossed lovers.

Two students at Exeter University in England were caught on camera having intercourse during the school’s annual Safer Sex Ball.

Dubbed “Blowmeo and Juliet” by one online tabloid, the pair became a campus sensation when the amorous behavior was picked up by a CCTV surveillance camera in the student union bar and was subsequently recorded onto a mobile phone.
Not surprisingly, the four-minute video quickly went viral on the Internet.

The students’ guild at the school is investigating the incident. It is not known whether criminal charges will eventually be filed against the person who leaked the video or against the lovemaking couple.

”Putting CCTV footage on the Internet without permission could contravene the law,” a local police spokesperson told the Sun. “That would namely be data protection laws and human rights legislation – the right to privacy.

“Engaging in sexual activity in a public place could also constitute an offense depending on the form of sexual activity. But we would have to see the footage in question to officially comment on the incident itself.”

The Tab, a website which covers the school but is independent of Exeter, obtained the video and flirted with the idea of posting it online. The website even asked readers whether it should publish the clip. In the online poll, 83 percent of those who responded said yes, please do.

However, upon advice from its lawyers, the website declined to post the video online.

More than 2,000 students attended the December charity event and were given free contraception, the Daily Mail reported.