April 21, 2014

Couple Busted For Filming Sexual Encounters

Couple Busted For Filming Sexual Encounters

( 4UMF NEWS ) Couple Busted For Filming Sexual Encounters:

Police are searching for more victims of a Southern California couple accused of inviting men into their home via dating websites to secretly videotape them having sex with the woman, Burbank police said Tuesday.

Erica Beck, 26, and Curtis Beck, 40, were arrested Jan. 24 in connection with the alleged videotaped encounters, according to the Burbank Police Department.

The couple allegedly used a dating website to arrange a meeting between Erica and a 37-year-old man, who told police in December that he was a victim of illegal videotaping, said Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn.

The man told investigators the pair went on a date and later went to Erica’s home to have sex, police said. He admitted the sex was consensual, but during the encounter he realized he was being videotaped by Curtis, police said.

Police released the photos of the suspects with the hope of having more victims come forward, police said.