April 19, 2014

Cole Report Reality Show Recap

( 4UMF NEWS ) Cole Report Reality Show Recap:

VH1 Mob Wives

Who would have ever thought that in 2012 we would witness mob “life”? For a lifestyle that is dead,
VH1’S Mob Wives resurrect it every Sunday. Especially with the latest news that Renee Graziano estrange husband, Junior Pagan, ratted on her father Anthony Graziano. The past two Sunday episodes have been more than dramatic; it’s been traumatic. We are used to watching this show for the loud talking, chop busting, gangstalious women and all of their glory.

But this last episode touched millions to their heart. Renee showed so much strength. To deal with the lost of her father to prison at no fault of his own and her husband being the reason, took tremendous strength while on film. When Drita made the comment “this situation would make a stranger cry,” she was definitely speaking truth. With friends like Drita and Karen she will only prosper. And her sister Jennifer “Jenn” Graziano, who is the producer, does an excellent job at how she portrays each woman on the show. We will all continue to watch!

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Reunion Show)

WHOOO!!! First off the women were in rare form as usual! Nene lip poppin’ neck rolling, Kandi smiling through the drama, Kim pregnant with a wig on, Sheree looking constipated as usual, Phaedra Southern belle-in’, and Cynthia. The reunion is actually better than the season as a whole!

Sheree called herself calling people out but it back fired on her azz. “Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” How the hell you talk about Nene thinking she is rich when you think the same. You walk around with $10,000 handbags, rented Porsche truck (cause you got to have good credit to lease one), and have an apartment with your son sleeping on the floor. Then have the audacity to tell people how to do their job when you don’t even have one? WTH?

I think that Phaedra handled herself with class because you would have got told if it was many of us. Also, when Sheree went in on Nene son, first off he didn’t steal because he was broke, he stole for attention. Kinda like why she throws people under the bus, for attention. That’s why they fired you!

Nene! When she told Kandi, yeah she was a stripper but she “don’t want to no dildo up her vajayjay!”
we all hollered! Nene punch lined her way through part 1 of the reunion. When she said Sheree’s almost under construction home was “Neverland,” we hollered again.

Once again Kandi has lived up to the name “Suga Mama!” This time moving one of Bravo TV’s own in.
Who does that! Where is Mama Joyce?

Kim has not let up! She has managed to get pregnant again by her young husband. She makes
comments like “we are smart with our money” but buying boats? Really? If you can buy a boat, why the
hell haven’t you paid Kandi her royalties’? And then how you mad at Nene cause she said your house is leased when you said it on the show?

I’m surely going to be tuned in for part 2. Are you ready for Marlo? I am!

Basketball Wives

The slap heard around the world! Poor Jenn! If her husband not throwing a drinking in her face, an old friend is slapping her in it! LOL! For someone with as much mouth and as judge mental as she is, you would think she could hold her own. WRONG! She is suing everyone. As bougie as she is, I think we were all shocked that she didn’t have a car or a stable place to stay in NYC when she was first going through her divorce. You may have never seen a food stamp Jenn, but your bougie azz has rode that train LOL!

Evelyn is closing the shoe store, which I think was being realistic. She needs to chill. She should take note of what just happened to Tami. All that yelling ain’t healthy. Her and Tami are bullies PERIOD!

I’m kinda glad that Shaunie is participating more.

The way that Kenya is being treated is not right! She comes off the dingiest but she is much more. They will never be on the caliber that she is on (Miss Michigan, MSU Grad, and Chemical engineer). I think she gets the short end of the stick.

Kesha annoys me with that voice.

Suzy no words!

Go Royce!!

This season has no meaning and it’s kinda of boring. Yes there are fights but sometimes it’s just too much. Even watching hoodrats can be boring. Don’t know how long this series will last. Yikes!