April 21, 2014

Cocaine Found On Hair Of Cruise Captain

( 4UMF NEWS ) Cocaine Found On Hair Of Cruise Captain:

Traces of cocaine were found on the hair of the cowardly cruise captain whose ship ran aground off the coast of Italy, lawyers charged Saturday.

But the evidence did not prove that Francesco Schettino, charged with abandoning his post after dozens of people died in last month’s horrific wreck, actually used the drugs, according to a court-appointed expert.

The startling discovery was revealed by experts and lawyers representing survivors of the Costa Concordia catastrophe.

However, the cocaine was not found within Schettino’s hair or in his urine — usual signs that someone ingested the drug.

Lawyers for the survivors are demanding another exam, believing that Schettino was using drugs and that the original test must have missed the traces or been mishandled.

“[The results are\] very strange,” said Stefano Zerbi of the Italian consumer protection group Codacons, which is representing some of the survivors.

Zerbi said he he believes the samples “more than anything else, had been badly preserved and contamination might have resulted.”

Experts also suggested that Schettino may have been around the cocaine even if he didn’t consume any.

A statement on Codacons’ website also claims that Schettino admitted to taking tranquilizers the night of the crash — but traces of that medication were not found in his system.

The massive cruise liner, carrying more than 4,000 passengers, crashed into a reef near a tiny Tuscan island Jan. 13, tipped over onto its side and slid into the sea.

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