April 19, 2014

Chief Keef GBE Crew Fight With Young Money

( 4UMF NEWS ) Chief Keef GBE Crew Fight With Young Money:
Details are emerging from an altercation that happened between Chief Keef’s GBE and Lil Waynes Young Money.

  • Zeke

    This media outlet promotes violance all the time!!!

    • FU

      we promote the news and nothing else. It’s a damn shame you can’t please everybody with 100 different articles per day. But it’s a damn shame you only see violence in all the news. It’s over 35 categories. You must be stupid if you only see violence. Or you just wanna complain when you see violence. Go to CNN or TMZ with that shit! We report the truth and what is going on in the world. You don’t like it change the channel.
      We got a million plus people a month saying you wrong.

  • Zeke

    My fault didnt mean to step on any toes just dont want to see these guy hurt or killed u have a very good outlet im just saying we all need to be mindful. do what cha do though!!!