April 16, 2014

Chaos Continues To Loom Over Tree Hill

( 4UMF NEWS ) Chaos Continues To Loom Over Tree Hill:

Well, the drama is continuing in the little town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. One Tree Hill, in it’s 9th and final season, last week answered a lot of questions about baby Davis and what Julian did (or didn’t do) about Davis’ health. Along with answering questions, it still leaves a lot unanswered. What is Clay really going through? Does Dan have a hand in Nathans kidnapping? Is Brooke going to forgive Julian? Why is Ted Davis really in town after all these years? What does Tara have in store to ruin Karen’s Cafe? Questions are often asked about the characters that come and go through town but one thing remains the same; nothing will break the strong unity that has formed between friends and family. Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday’s at 8pm eastern time on The CW to see what else shakes up Tree Hill.