April 16, 2014

Bodies Desecrated In Afghanistan

( 4UMF NEWS ) Bodies Desecrated In Afghanistan:

82nd Airborne troops of the 4th Brigade Combat Team , stationed in Afghanistan were allegedly photographed displaying the mangled remains of alleged suicide bombing insurgents.
Caution Graphic Images:
The first image shows a soldier with a dead combats hand on his shoulder.

The second images shows troops of the same unit , a few months later , posing with smiles , Afghan police and severed legs.

This is the at least the third incident in three months in Afghanistan that has damaged U.S. Afghan relations in 3 months.

January produced a video of U.S. soldiers urinating on the corpse of a dead enemy combatant , while February produced KORAN burnings at a U.S. base , which led to riots , injuries and 30 deaths , and March produced a U.S. soldier who allegedly massacred 17 Afghan civilians during a nighttime , two village shooting spree.