April 17, 2014

Board Of Education Member Arrested For Trying To Sex 14-Year-Old Girl

( 4UMF NEWS ) Board Of Education Member Arrested For Trying To Sex 14-Year-Old Girl:

A married father who is a member of a Connecticut board of education was asked to resign after he was caught arranging a tryst with a 14-year-old girl.

An undercover cop posed as the father of a fictitious teen girl who was willing to arrange a sexual meeting between the girl and Christopher Watts, 38, who is on the Windsor Board of Education. Watts communicated with the ‘father’ for months, saying how his ‘major fantasy, being with a girl younger for some fun,’ and they arranged for Watts to fly to Florida for the encounter.

While logging into chat rooms titled ‘incest’ and ‘jailbait’, Watts used the sign in name ‘luvpervymoms’ and contacted the undercover cop when he responded to a posting that said ‘dad has daughter.’

The trap post went on to say that the father ‘shared his daughter with a select group of friends’ and the two started making arrangements for Watts to live out his illegal dream.

Over the next three weeks, the two men emailed back and forth. In one correspondence, the agent warned that he may get in trouble, and Watts replied ‘Haha, I’m willing to take the risk’.
He did take that risk, and ended up being arrested on Thursday in his hotel room in Kissimmee, Florida.

Watts must have had a guilty conscience or a foreboding feeling because he had two letters apologizing for his actions: one to his wife and daughter, and the second to the mother of the fictitious 14-year-old that he thought he was going to meet.

‘I may have broken the law but I have a track record of stopping and trying to do the right thing,’ he said in one letter, implying that he has done similar things in the past.

Just nasty…

Story @ Daily Mail