April 20, 2014

Bizarre – This Guy’s A Weirdo Mixtape

( 4UMF NEWS ) Bizarre – This Guy’s A Weirdo Mixtape:

Bizarre is certainly a weirdo. The former D-12 member has a tattoo of Nicki Minaj on his body. So the name of his latest mixtape is very fitting.

Check out the artwork, track list and download for This Guy’s A Weirdo:

01. Bizarre – Young Mase Intro (Feat. Sonny Bonoho) [Prod. By Essman]
02. Bizarre – Shade 45
03. Bizarre – Hey Nicki
04. Bizarre – Phee’s Clouds (Feat. Gam) [Prod. By Dubmuzik & Lary Live]
05. Bizarre – Stage Dive (Feat. Madchild) [Prod. By Wit]
06. Bizarre – Cocaine [Prod. By J Palms]
07. Bizarre – Snatch Yo Carties (Feat. King Gordy)
08. Bizarre – I’m So High (Tylenal 3)
09. Bizarre – I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night (Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Fury & King Gordy) [Prod. By Black]
10. Bizarre – Kemp Dog [Prod. By Lil Rick]
11. Bizarre – Mind Sex (Feat. FaygosAndConey) [Prod. By Chino XL]
12. Bizarre – My Moms A Stoner [Prod. By Black Keys]
13. Bizarre – She Keeps Calling [Prod. By J Palms]
14. Bizarre – Best I Ever Had (Feat. MJ Robinson) [Prod. By Silent Riot]
15. Bizarre – Runaway [Prod. By Lil Rick]
16. Bizarre – Murder Kill (Feat. Charlie P) [Prod. By Charlie P]
17. Bizarre – Justin Bieber (Feat. King Gordy) [Prod. By Micka Mexican]
18. Bizarre – Cypher (Feat. Shakia Snow, Beretta & Big T) [Prod. By Essman]
19. Bizarre – Give It To Me Papi

Download Here