April 17, 2014

Beyonce A Bi-Sexual, Weed Smoking Murderer

( 4UMF NEWS ) Beyonce A Bi-Sexual, Weed Smoking Murderer:

I’m not in the business of spreading gossip just for the sake of it unless it is confirmed no longer making it gossip, but far be it for me to deprive everyone out there that is obsessed with al things Beyonce.

According to Freddyo, the former Destiny’s Child member isn’t as quiet and innocent as she’d like you to believe.

Check it out but remember I’m not one to gossip so you didn’t hear this from me:

Rita Ora-Jay Z and Beyonce have threesomes with new songstress Rita Ora. Beyonce and Rita have a close relationship, if you know what I mean. Beyonce likes to get it on with Rita without Jay Z, which has caused strains in their relationship. THINK ABOUT IT, why else would Beyonce, who is very insecure when it comes to other female acts have Rita Ora, a pretty young thang around her husband 24/7? Beyonce didn’t like Rihanna especially since Jay Z had a affair with her and thats why they are rarely photoed together even though Beyonce and Jay Z consider her a “little sister.”

Jay Z and Beyonce don’t sleep in the same room-They try to play up a huge front like they are a picture perfect happy couple but they can’t stand each other behind doors. There is a power struggle. Beyonce wants control but Jay Z needs it.

Beyonce is not as dumb as you think.-Its a front, she is not a good speaker but she is far from stupid. She hates that some people few her as a stupid singer and is trying to change that.

Jay Z on the other hand.-Can’t get enough of his new daughter and is obsessed with her looks. He doesn’t want her to look like him at all, she thinks it will ruin her. Jay Z is very insecure about his looks after hearing he is ugly all his life and even hearing it from his own wife.
Beyonce is a heavy drinker. She has done cocaine before but not frequently. She smokes weed from time to time.

Jay Z’s true love is a woman from Brooklyn. He still visits and takes care of her but they do not have a sexual relationship.

Cathy White had threatened to reveal her relationship with Jay Z and that’s why she was killed. Then little more than 48 hours after the announcement that Beyonce was pregnant with Jay Z’s baby this young lady suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances.

Remember this is coming from the rumor mill so take it for what it is…