April 21, 2014

Apple Virus Affects 600,000 Laptops

( 4UMF NEWS ) Apple Virus Affects 600,000 Laptops:

If you thought your Mac was safe from harmful computer viruses, think again.

Ars Technica reported on April 4 that the “Mac Flashback trojan” has returned with a vengeance in recent weeks, now affecting hundreds of thousands of Apple laptops.

Ars first reported about the issue on April 2, explaining that anti-virus and computer security firm F-Secure had spotted the virus in action.

Later, on April 4, the site pointed out that it was Russian IT-security solutions vendor Dr. Web that revealed how widespread the problem has become in a post published on the Dr. Web blog earlier on the same day.

Dr. Web explained that a system gets infected with the Mac Flashback trojan “after a user is redirected to a bogus site from a compromised resource or via a traffic distribution system.” A specific JavaScript code on the site that contains the virus is then used to load a Java applet, which is how the malware makes its way onto a user’s computer.

In response to the problem, Apple released an update on April 3 to patch up the security holes that exist in Java. While all Mac-owners should make sure to update their devices, you can always check to see if your Mac has been infected using your device’s Terminal. Directions for this process, as well as for how you can manually disinfect your Mac, have been provided by F-Secure.

As of April 4, Dr. Web found that more than half of the 555,000 infected computers were in the United States, nearly 20 percent were in Canada and nearly 13 percent were in the United Kingdom.

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