April 20, 2014

Antoine Walker Done With Bankruptcy Case

( 4UMF NEWS ) Antoine Walker Done With Bankruptcy Case:

Antoine Walker can finally breathe easy — he is officially done with his bankruptcy case.

The former NBA star — who was $12.7 million in debt despite reportedly making $110 million in his NBA career — was discharged from bankruptcy by a Federal judge on March 21.

As part of the case, Walker completed a personal finance management course on March 16, perhaps a sign he’s ready to turn over a new financial leaf.

There are still some loose ends for Walker’s bankruptcy trustee to clean up, the biggest one involving “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada, Walker’s ex-fiancée.

The trustee is going after Lozada for $500,000 Walker gave to Lozada, allegedly under fraudulent terms. That case is still pending.

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