April 16, 2014

Anthony Zulker Divorced

Anthony Zulker Divorced

( 4UMF NEWS ) Anthony Zulker Divorced:

CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker is officially divorced, even though he and his ex haven’t settled their money issues. Thing is he needs the divorce STAT so he can get married again.

Sources familiar with the situation say Zuiker fast-tracked the nasty divorce in order to marry Michelle Territo, the preschool teacher he’s been dating for a year. They may tie the knot next month.

Anthony, who’s repped by disso-queen Laura Wasser, and ex-wife Jennifer have been in a battle royale over money, and there’s a lot of it “CSI” has generated more than $6 BILLION.

As previously reported, Anthony and Jennifer were married in 1999 with NO pre-nup. Sources say Jennifer, who is repped by Sorrell Trope, will make out like a bandit.