April 19, 2014

Airline Offers First Class Beds

( 4UMF NEWS ) Airline Offers First Class Beds:

For many people, long flights can often be ruined by poor leg room or passengers who you’d never want to see again. Singapore Airlines is offering luxury, private suites on its A380 aircraft.

The only problem is that you’ll need to be rather wealthy to enjoy the facilities.
A round trip flight from New York to Singapore will cost about $15,750 per person.

However, those prepared to fork out the vast expense will be in for a treat.

Rather than be squashed in for a lengthy flight next to someone you’ve never met before, you can luxuriate in your own private cabin.

It includes window blinds and sliding doors which mean you can enjoy huge levels of privacy.

Instead of trying to listen to the latest blockbuster over the noise of your neighbouring passengers, you could be lounging in a reclining leather seat watching a 23-inch TV with a drink in hand.
In fact, the armchairs are not only the largest ever by the airline but are also hand-stitched by an Italian craftsman.

There is also the benefit of a nice and large double bed just in case you fancy a relaxing nap.
If all that isn’t enough, you can benefit from special menus which includes gourmet food and fine wines.