April 18, 2014

3 Celtics Accused Of Robbery

( 4UMF NEWS ) 3 Celtics Accused Of Robbery:

There are a couple of reasons why this story is a bit suspect.

Why would NBA players who are making millions of dollars steal a woman’s purse? Also the gentlemen on Facebook who is telling the story claims it was “3 Dumb Rookies” who committed the crime, but two of the players he is accusing are veteran NBA players.

What that being said if true, which I doubt the story is hilarious.

There is something missing from the story. If you believe her side she was a hero, that is unlikely. I doubt if charges are ever pressed, but if they are we will update the story.

Story @ blacksportsonline


  • http://www.dirtysouthhiphop.com Shadi Powers

    Did he say “fucking shines”? See what I mean about Boston? I could never cheer for that city….

  • http://thaNorthStar.com thaNorthStar.com

    maybe she forgot the purse, they wud never steal her broke ass purse