April 20, 2014

12-Year-Old Commits Suicide

( 4UMF NEWS ) 12-Year-Old Commits Suicide:

A 12-year-old boy who hanged himself in his East Harlem apartment was driven to suicide by bullies who mercilessly teased him for being short and brainy, his heartbroken family said Wednesday.

The final tipping point, relatives said, came after a boy teased Joel Morales about his dead father.

Joel’s mother found the boy’s body hanging from a shower rod in the bathroom of their apartment at the Jefferson Houses on Second Ave. about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“I’m tired of all this bullying,” Joel, who was 4 months old when his dad died, told a friend just hours before taking his life, according to his aunt.

The aunt, Angelica Babilonia, 23, said a classmate of Joel’s told relatives how fed up the boy was with being bullied and the details of the final sick taunt.

The drama began a few hours earlier when Joel’s mom, Lizbeth Babilonia, sent out a search party for her son. After the boy didn’t turn up, the frantic mom went up to their 13th-floor apartment. Within seconds, she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Richeliss Salazar, 23, sister of Joel Morales and Angelica Babilonia, 23, the boy’s aunt console each other.

A neighbor said the distraught mother cut her son down with a knife and had to be restrained before plunging the blade into her own body.

“I went in and he was lying in the tub,” said Inez Rodriguez, 41, adding that she rushed from her apartment next door when she heard Babilonia screaming.

“I tried to give him CPR. I tried to breathe in his mouth,” Rodriguez said. “She had cut him down. She was trying to stab herself with the knife. I knocked it out of her hand.”

Babilonia was too upset to talk at length about her son Wednesday as she stared at flickering votive candles and read condolence notes classmates left at a makeshift memorial in front of her building.

“He was a loving, happy kid, who got along with the world,” was all the sobbing mother could say.